Alloy 600 (UNSN06600)
Werkstoff 2.4816


The alloy 600 has outstanding corrosion resistance properties due to its combination of nickel content, chromium and iron. It is the high nickel content which provides the anti-corrosion properties whilst the high chromium content allows the alloy to be resistant to oxidation. 

Chemical Analysis:
Typical Values (Weight %)

Ni  72,0 min
Cr 14,0-17,0
Cu 0,0-0,05
C 0,0-0,15
Mn 0,0-0,1 
Si 0,0-0,5
S 0,0-0,015
Fe 6,0-10,0

Mechanical Properties:
    Yield strength 0.2%    25  ksi
    Tensile strength           80  ksi 
Elongation at break      30 %

Resists corrosion
Resists heat
Resists oxidation
Hot and cold workability
Non magnetic

Commonly Uses:
Engine and airframe components in the aeronautical industry
Cathode ray tube spiders, thyratron grids, tube support members and springs
in the electronics industry

Density: 8.42 gm/cm3


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