Nickel Alloy B3 (UNS N10675)
Werkstoff 2.4600


The alloy B3 (Hastelloy) is a nickel-molybdenum alloy resistant to a variety of different acids such as the hydrochloric and sulfuric acid and is also resistant to high temperatures. It is peculiarly resistant against intergranular corrosion.

Chemical Analysis:
Typical Values (Weight %)

Ni  65,0 min
Mo 28,5
Fe 1,5
Cr 0,0-1,5
C 0,0-0,01
Co 0,0-3,0

Si 0,0-0,10
Mn 0,0-3,0
Ti 0,0-0,2
W 0,0-3,0
Al 0,0-0,50
Cu 0,0-0,20

Mechanical Properties:
    Yield strength 0.2%    51 ksi
    Tensile strength            110 ksi 
Elongation at break      40%

Resists hydrochloric acid at all temperatures and concentrations
Resists sufuric, acetic, formic and phoshoric acids
Resists non oxidising agents
Thermal stability
Resists pitting and stress corrosion

Commonly Uses:
Equipment handling extreme reducing conditions
Aluminium chloride catalysts
Inert gases and vacuums
Production of pharmaceuticals, acetic acid, alkylation of ethylene and herbicides

Density: 9.22 gm/cm3


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