Alloy C4 (UNS N06455)
Werkstoff 2.4610


The Alloy C4 is a combination of Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum making it very resistant to corrosion and impressively stable at high temperatures.

Chemical Analysis:
Typical Values (Weight %)

C  0-0,009
Si 0-0,05
Mn 0-1,0
P 0,03 max
S 0,01 max
Cr  14,5-17,5
Mo 14,0-17,0
Ni         Rest
Co  2,0 max
Fe 3,0 max
Ti 0.7 max

Mechanical Properties:
    Yield strength 0.2%    40 ksi
    Tensile strength            100 ksi 
Elongation at break       40%

Resists HAZ sensitization
Resists hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, chlorines
Resists corrosion especially under reducing conditions
Resists localised corrosion under halide media
Structural stability
Resists stress corrosion
High ductility

Commonly Uses:
Flue gas desulphurating plants
Pickling bath regeneration
Production of acetic acid, chemical fertilisers, pesticides

Density: 8.6 gm/cm3

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